SWATCOM Aviation Equipment

Many of our European approved Helmets & Communications can be customized to meet your requirements. Whether you are a fire-fighter or working at a remote emergency station we can provide ensured protection whilst enabling good quality communications between team members.

SWATCOM Aviation ground support communications equipment.

Heavy duty headband headsets that allow communications in noisy environments, the microphone is noise cancelling, promoting clear speech while reducing background noise. Heavy duty ear cups offer 30 SNR, spare hygiene kits, headbands & windsocks are available.

Heavy duty PTT switches with long, flexible & durable heavy duty leads.

Wireless, Full duplex hands free communication headsets offer ground crews a communication solution when operating. 2 users in full duplex up to 400m, the noise cancelling microphone reduces any loud background noise and promotes clear speech. The heavy duty ear shells offer 29 SNR.


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