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The Importance of Shooting Hearing Protection

Shooting sports and activities, whether for recreational or professional purposes, can be thrilling and enjoyable. However, they also come with inherent risks, and one of the most significant is the impact of gunshot noise on hearing. 

Become a Reseller

Becoming a reseller can be a lucrative business opportunity if done correctly. You will have access to some of the worlds leading communications, hearing protection and personal safety products, made by world leading manufacturers.

Best Headsets For Shooting

Learn more about the different types of hearing protection available from SWATCOM, Learn about electronic, passive, over the ear, in-ear and custom fit hearing protection that will enable you to keep your hearing safe when shooting.


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ATEX Certified Equipment

ATEX (Atmospheres Explosibles) is a certification granted to equipment and protective systems that are intended for use in explosive atmospheres, such as those found in chemical plants, refineries, and other hazardous locations.


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Areas We Support

SWATCOM support anyone seeking professional equipment for use in personal, private & professional situations. Find out about some of the most popular industries we supply hearing protection and communication solutions.


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Wireless Communication

Easy to use full-duplex, portable, hands-free multi-user wireless intercom, that allows natural conversation between multiple users. This team communications system is an ideal solution for any setting where helmets or bump caps are worn.


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Radio Plug Chart

SWATCOM offer a wide range of Two-Way Radio accessories for a vast selection of popular two-way radio makes and models. To find out what radio connections are available, we have created a radio plug chart with info on our range.


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Custom Fit Headsets

Custom ear mould headsets fit uniquely to your ears, offering a comfortable, subtle & secure level of hearing protection. Our range of Custom headsets is made from premium medical grade silicone and will last up to 4 years.


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