The best hearing protection for shooting


Top of the pile, our SWATCOM Active8 headset is used globally by professionals & is widely regarded as the best & for good reason.


The ultra slim NEW & Improved SWATCOM Slim headsets now come fitted with a gel hygiene kit, leather headband & a fresh new look.


Affordable, reusable & stylish. The SWATCOM SC21 offers shooters a good level of hearing protection & comes with a metal case.

Custom fit

Custom ear mould headsets fit uniquely to your ears, and provide a comfortable, subtle & secure level of hearing protection.

The best use the best

Find out what hearing protection some of the worlds best clay pigeon shooters are using, allowing them to retain a safe level of hearing protection while able to perform to their maximum levels.


Worldwide delivery, enabling you to purchase SWATCOM hearing protection no matter your location.


All of our SWATCOM products come standard with 1 year warranty, some offer even more.

Long Lasting

Our products are sourced & manufactured to last long periods of time, so you can rest assured.


We offer a wide variety of accessories that will offer additonal features aswell as allow you to freshen up or personalise your headsets.

Discover premium made range bags, Bluetooth adapters, microphone capabilities and much more.


Lets not forget the extremely popular SWATCOM SC12, avaiable in green & black and offers a good level of hearing protection while not being too bulky.

Choose a category

Discover different types of hearing protection.


Discover hearing protection that will enhance performance while retaining hearing protection.


We offer premium in-ear hearing protection, with the ability to upgrade to custom mould.


Our range of premium passive hearing protection offers out of the box, simple hearing protection.

You may have seen our SWATCOM stand at various shooting grounds & events along with being the CPSA headline sponsor, We have many more exhibitions planned this year.

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