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Richard Faulds MBE

Olympic Champion Sydney 2000 
24 x World Championships 
11 times European Champion 
5 Times British Open Sporting Champion 
US Open Sporting Clays Champion 2014

I regard the SWATCOM Activ8’s as the finest over ear hearing protection available on the market today. They are the most comfortable headsets I have ever worn, when competing, coaching or game shooting… this allows them to be worn hour after hour without becoming uncomfortable. 
The sound quality is also first class with variable volume control allowing you to be able to adjust the sound to your liking. 
I now make sure that when I am going shooting, I do not leave home without them.

British Shooting Shotgun Pathway and Community Coordinator.

Christian Schofield

As the British Shooting Pathway and Community Coordinator for the Olympic Shotgun disciplines I am always on the range talking to athletes and coaches about their goals and their development journey. It is important to protect my hearing but it also vital that I can clearly hear what the athlete or coach is saying to. My SWATCOM ear defenders have truly revolutionised my job. I can hear everything very clearly and pick up the nuances of conversations from a safe and comfortable environment provided by SWATCOM. I can wear them all day and I don’t know that I have got them on other than I can actually hear what people are saying. They look really cool too. 

Georgina Roberts

SWATCOM have completely changed the game when it comes to hearing protection, particularly in the shooting sector. I’ve always loved the Active8 headsets, as they are the most comfortable, I have ever experienced. I have always loved coaching, but spending time on the range having to remove and adjust my ear defenders constantly so I could speak to athletes made it a nuisance. Using Active8’s has completely transformed this experience for me, knowing my hearing is safe and streamline’s my time on the range, both whilst coaching and shooting! As a GB athlete and coach, I spend a lot of time on the range, I have never had to worry about battery-life using SWATCOM as I can truthfully vouch that they last for hundreds of hours before you need to think about changing the batteries! I cannot recommend SWATCOM enough. 

International shooter
Represent both Great Britain and Wales Olympic Trap shooting
CPSA Level 1
Lantra Loader
CPSA Safety Officer

Olympic Games Bronze, Rio 2016
Commonwealth Games Gold, 2010 & 2014
World Cup Final Gold, 2015
European Championships Gold, 2003 (Junior), 2008 & 2014
European Championships Silver, 2012
European Championships Bronze, 2007
World Cup Silver, 2015
World Championships Gold, 2003 (Junior)
World Championships Bronze, 2014

Multiple British Champion
Multiple UK Champion
Multiple English Champion
British Shooting Shotgun Series Gold Medallist
British Shooting Grand Final Gold Medallist

Steve Scott

The SWATCOM Active8’s has completely transformed the way I work. As a high-performance coach in the shooting sport, it is so important to be able to protect my hearing properly daily. The Active8’s has meant that I am able to do so constantly throughout the day without the need to remove the headset in-between shots or rounds, meaning my hearing is safe even when there is shooting going on in the background. I am completely obsessed with the gel lining of the headset, as it moulds comfortably around any type of shooting glasses or headwear you might be wearing! SWATCOM has been a total game-changer for me, it is so reassuring to have complete faith in the equipment I use, whether that is in the field or on the range, they truly are the best in the business.

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