Communication When It Counts: A Nottingham Forest and SWATCOM Multicom 2 Case Study

Nov 21, 2023 | Communications

In the highly competitive arena of professional sports, effective communication stands as a critical element. Nottingham Forest F.C. recently faced the challenge of upgrading their medical team’s communication capabilities. The team’s doctor voiced the need to upgrade their current system and ensure the new alternative could deliver swift and reliable communication over large distances.

The system had to be dependable, efficient, and ensure that player safety was never compromised. To identify the perfect communication system, the pitch-side medical team assessed various offerings from the top brands in the market, and after rigorous testing over several games, one solution emerged as the clear winner.

The Multicom 2: A Game-Changing Choice

The SWATCOM Multicom2 was put to the test during Nottingham Forest F.C.’s match against Crystal Palace in September 2023. The communication system proved invaluable each time they ran onto the pitch to attend to team injuries. Their headsets were secure, the signal was strong, and communication was seamless. So their full focus could be on the players and ensuring they could swiftly respond to the needs of Nottingham Forest F.C. team.

Impressed by the SWATCOM Multicom2’s performance during the game, Nottingham Forest F.C. decided to make the transition. They ordered six sets of our SWATCOM Multicom2 devices from one of our trusted resellers to equip their medical team.

Why SWATCOM Multicom 2 Was Player of the Match

Impressive Range: The SWATCOM Multicom 2 enables seamless communication even in high-pressure scenarios with a range of 400 meters line-of-sight.

Superior Performance: In professional sports, clarity and reliability are non-negotiable. The SWATCOM Multicom 2 enables the medical staff to coordinate effectively and provide timely assistance with adjustable microphone sensitivity, secure PIN encryption, support for up to 10 users, and 90 on listen-only mode.

Cost-Effective: Exceptional performance doesn’t have to come at a premium price. The SWATCOM Multicom 2 combines outstanding results with an attractive cost that delivers optimal value.

In Conclusion

Thanks to the SWATCOM Multicom2’s exceptional performance, long-range communication, and cost-efficiency, this success has not gone unnoticed. Other sports teams are now considering the SWATCOM Multicom2 for their medical teams, suggesting the SWATCOM Multicom as the emerging preferred choice for enhancing medical team communication. In the world of professional sports, every second counts. Thanks to the SWATCOM Multicom systems, those seconds are dedicated to ensuring the welfare of players, rather than grappling with communication challenges.