Shooting Ear Plugs

Designed to protect your hearing from the dangers of gunshot noise, our Shooting Ear Plugs will allow you to focus on what matters. With both passive and electronic options, we have something to suit every shooter, from humble beginner to seasoned veteran. For Over-ear options, visit our Shooting Ear Defenders page.

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Passive Ear Plugs

The typical style of ear plugs that offer complete hearing protection and convenience at an affordable price point.

Electronic Ear Plugs

By using active listening technology, Electronic Ear Plugs feel like you’re not wearing ear plugs at all, whilst retaining full hearing protection.

Swatcom Winter Shooting Gloves

Custom Shooting Ear Plugs

Bespoke silicone ear plugs made using  impressions of your ear, offering unmatched comfort and hearing protection

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes shooting ear plugs different from regular ear plugs?

Our shooting ear plugs are specifically designed to provide optimal protection in high-noise environments like shooting ranges. They offer a higher Single Number Rating (SNR) to ensure your ears are safeguarded against the loud sounds associated with gunfire.

How do electronic ear plugs work, and what benefits do they offer?

Electronic ear plugs use advanced technology to automatically adjust their noise-canceling capabilities based on the surrounding environment. This allows you to maintain situational awareness while still enjoying protection from loud noises, making them ideal for shooting sports where hearing subtle sounds is crucial.

What is the advantage of custom fit ear plugs?

Custom fit ear plugs are molded to the unique shape of your ears, providing a comfortable and secure fit. This not only enhances their effectiveness in noise reduction but also ensures maximum comfort during extended periods of use. Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach and embrace personalized protection.

How do I choose the right shooting ear plugs for me?

The right ear plugs depend on your preferences and shooting needs. If you prefer simplicity and reliability, passive ear plugs are an excellent choice. For those who want to enhance awareness, electronic ear plugs are a smart option. If comfort is your priority, consider our custom fit ear plugs. Explore our range and choose based on your unique requirements.

Can I wear electronic ear plugs while participating in shooting competitions?

Absolutely! Many shooting enthusiasts find electronic ear plugs to be advantageous in competitions. The technology allows you to hear range commands and communicate with others while still providing protection against loud gunfire.

How do I clean and maintain my shooting ear plugs?

Cleaning instructions may vary depending on the type of ear plugs you choose. Generally, wiping them with a clean, damp cloth should suffice. For custom fit ear plugs, follow the specific care instructions provided with your product. Regular maintenance ensures longevity and optimal performance.

Can I use shooting ear plugs for other activities like concerts or industrial work?

While our shooting ear plugs are specifically designed for shooting sports, many users find them effective in various noisy environments, including concerts and industrial settings. However, for optimal protection, we recommend exploring our product range designed specifically for those activities.