Shooting Ear Defenders

Quality hearing protection should be a top priority for anyone in the vicinity of gunfire. Our range of Shooting Ear Defenders includes both Passive and Electronic varieties designed for any and all disciplines including Competition Shooting, Clay Pigeon Shooting and Hunting.

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George Digweed Wearing SWATCOM Active8 Ear Defenders

George Digweed MBE wearing SWATCOM Active8 Shooting Ear Defenders

The importance of hearing protection whilst shooting

Designed specifically for the purpose of protecting your hearing from high-impulse gunshot noise, shooting ear defenders are a must have item.

The dangers of not using ear defenders when shooting are well documented and can result in permanent hearing loss, as well as auditory health conditions such as tinnitus.

We have options to suit everyone, from beginner to seasoned veteran, with both Passive and Electronic varieties being offered.

Used around the world by both casual and professional shooters, our SWATCOM Active8 Electronic Ear Defenders are a very popular option due to it’s military-grade specification and build quality.

For in-ear/ear plug options, visit our Shooting Ear Plugs page and if you’re looking for hearing protection with communications, check out our Tactical Headsets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SNR?

Single Number Rating (SNR) indicates the effectiveness of ear protection in reducing noise. A higher SNR means better noise reduction. Consider your shooting environment and the level of noise when choosing ear defenders or ear plugs.

How do ear defenders work?

Ear Defenders work by significantly reducing the level of sound that reaches your ears. They are designed to provide maximum protection by effectively sealing around your ears, thereby blocking high-decibel noise produced by gunfire.

What are electronic ear defenders?

Electronic ear defenders utilise Active Listening technology to provide both hearing protection, and situational awareness. They are designed to protect the wearer’s ears from loud noises while still allowing them to hear important sounds in their environment.

Are these suitable for clay pigeon shooting?

Yes, our shooting ear defenders excel when it comes to protecting your hearing whilst clay pigeon shooting. For further information regarding clay shooting, please visit our partners at the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA).

Can I use shooting ear defenders for other loud activities?

Yes, while specifically designed for shooting, these ear defenders can be used for any activity involving loud noises, such as concerts, construction work, or even mowing the lawn.