Custom Fit Ear Plugs

Custom fit ear plugs are uniquely tailored to your ears, offering a comfortable, subtle & secure level of hearing protection.


Ear Impressions will be required for our Custom Fit products. These can be done at the SWATCOM HQ in Hampshire, or by SWATCOM when we’re exhibiting at events and shows, completely for free.

If that’s not an option, you can have your ear impressions taken at your local audiologist such as Specsavers or Boots. Please note however that typically, third party audiologists charge for this service.

Once you have you ear impressions, send them to us and we’ll be able to manufacture the bespoke product (options below) that you ordered.


£96 – £108


£315 – £327


£129 – £141


£112.80 – £124.80


£112.80 – £124.80




How to buy

It’s never been easier to buy a SWATCOM custom product! Simply make your purchase online and you’ll be e-mailed a printable voucher.

Once you have received your voucher, all you need to do is visit us, or one of our approved impression takers so we can take your ear impressions, then it’s over to us & manufacturing will begin! Your impressions will be refined on a 3D printing software, once complete the 3D printer will then proceed to produce your very own custom fit headset from soft medical-grade silicone so you get the very best in isolation and fit, allowing you to wear them for hours at a time without fatigue or discomfort.

First things first, if you want a custom fit headset we’ll need impressions of your ears, so once you’ve printed your voucher you will need to book an appointment to have your ear impressions taken with us or one of our approved ear impression takers, alternatively you can visit your nearest audiologist, Boots or Specsavers and have your impressions done there for a fee, then all you need to do is send them to us.

There are 4 steps to getting your custom mould headsets.

Step 1

First things first, one of our qualified ear impression takers will make sure your ears are clean & healthy enough for us to take your impressions. If all is good we will carefully place a foam otostop (Soft foam with 2 string chords attached) into your ear to prevent anything from damaging your ear drum.


Step 2

Once the otostop is securely placed, we will use a press gun to fill the space from the foam otostop with soft medical grade silicone to take the mould of your ear.

Step 3

Once the soft medical silicone is filling & covering the ear canal, we will leave it to set for roughly 5 minutes.


Step 4

Once set, we will remove the set mould of your ear canal, bag & label it & send it off to be manufactured into a custom headset that will be completely unique to your ears!


Too far for you to travel? No problem!

You can visit your local audiologist, Specsavers or boots and have your ear impressions done for a fee! (Please check they offer the service).

Once you have your ear impressions, all you need to do is post them to us along with proof of your “Custom fit headset order” & we’ll get your new custom headsets manufactured & delivered to the address you provided when ordering.


Fun facts about your ears

  • The smallest bone in your body is in your ear drum, the stape bone.
  • Without your ears, you would loose your balance (The vestiublar system is located in your ears).
  • Sound exposure is a leading cause of hearing loss.
  • The Tympanic membrane (Eardrum) is 0.1mm thick.
  • Your ears are one of the only organs on your body that doesn’t sleep.
  • Your ears are self cleaning.
  • The Temporal bone (located on the side of the skull) is the hardest bone in your body.
  • Wax is a natural protective agent.
  • Your ears are connected to your nose & throat.

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