Remote Speaker Microphones (RSM's)

“RSMS” typically stands for “Remote Speaker Microphone.” An RSM is a type of accessory used with two-way radios that allows for more convenient and effective communication in noisy or hazardous environments.

An RSM consists of a remote speaker microphone that also has a speaker built in to it. The remote speaker microphone allows the user to communicate with the two-way radio without having to remove it from its holster or carry it in their hand, which can be particularly useful in situations where the user needs to keep their hands free or wear gloves.

RSM devices are commonly used by law enforcement personnel, security guards, and other professionals who need to communicate effectively in high-noise or high-risk environments. They can also be useful for individuals who need to maintain clear and constant communication in industrial or manufacturing settings, where noise levels can be very high.

Overall, RSM devices are an effective and practical solution for improving communication and enhancing safety in a wide range of environments where two-way radios are used.