Two Way Radio Accessories

Your one stop shop for two way radio accessories. We offer an extensive range of CC, Lightweight and Heavy Duty Headsets, Press to talk switches, Remote speaker microphones and Two Way Radio Chargers. All of our products are compatible with most leading radio makes and models, if you don’t see your radio available as an option on any of our product pages please contact us on or call us on +44 (0)1243 375708 and one of our specialist team will be happy to help you.

Two-way radio accessories are additional devices or tools that can be used with a two-way radio to enhance its functionality, convenience, and efficiency. Some common two-way radio accessories include:


“RSMS” typically stands for “Remote Speaker Microphone.” An RSM is a type of accessory used with two-way radios that allows for more effective communication in noisy or hazardous environments.

Covert Kits

Covert kits used with two-way radios are typically specialized accessories that allow for discreet communication between individuals without drawing attention to themselves.

Throat Mic's

Throat microphones use a sensitive vibration sensor that picks up the user’s vocal vibrations directly from their throat, which can be particularly useful in noisy or windy environments.


PTT’s are accessories that are used with two-way radios to activate the Push-to-Talk function. They allow the user to communicate with the radio without having to hold the radio or the microphone button.


Headset accessories are used with two-way radios that allow for hands-free communication. They consist of a headset that is worn on the user’s head and typically includes speakers and a microphone for transmitting.


Two-way radio chargers are devices that are used to charge the batteries of two-way radios. Two-way radio chargers are important accessories for keeping two-way radios operational and ready to use.

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