SWATCOM Radio Accessories

Your one stop shop for 2-way radio accessories. We offer an extensive range of CC, Lightweight and Heavy Duty Headsets, PTTs, RSMs and Radio Chargers. All of our products are compatible with most leading radio makes and models, if you don’t see your radio available as an option on any of our product pages please contact us on info@swatcom.com or call us on +44 (0)1243 375708 and one of our specialist team will be happy to help you.

SWATCOM Lightweight Headsets

Our range of rugged lightweight headsets are designed for comfort, durability and will connect to most two-way radio handsets.

Heavy Duty Headsets

SWATCOM Heavy Duty Headsets

We offer a comprehensive range of high quality Heavy duty headsets. Available in both passive and active listening (cut-off) our headsets support workers in demanding environments.


High quality radio chargers for your two-way radio batteries with either single or multi radio support. Our radio chargers are ‘smart’ because they protect your battery life by not over charging it, but also provide automatic recharging of a battery when the radio remains powered on whilst in the charger.


Press-to-Talk (PTT) switches to enable transmission from a two-way radio. When the Press-to-Talk is activated, this allows quick connection to a wide range of headsets and accessories.

Interested in our Covert Solutions?

Interested in our Covert Solutions?

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