Empowering Boundless Potential: A Case Study of SWATCOM Multicom 2 Headsets in Blind Climbing

Aug 7, 2023 | Communications, Sports

In the exhilarating world of competitive rock climbing, every second and every movement matters. For Emeline, a talented member of the US National Paraclimbing Team, the challenges are even greater as she navigates the walls with vision impairment.

Her teammate and caller, Alana, plays a crucial role in guiding Emeline through each climb, transforming seemingly random holds into a precise movement pattern. However, their journey to success faced a significant obstacle when their previous communication system faltered.

This case study delves into how SWATCOM’s innovative Multicom 2 headsets emerged as the seamless solution, revolutionizing Emeline and Alana’s climbing experience.

The Need for Seamless Communication

Emeline’s success as a blind climber heavily depends on the flawless communication between her and Alana. With split-second decisions and micro-adjustments necessary, they required a communication system that was seamless, instantaneous, and most importantly, reliable. Their previous Bluetooth headsets were prone to disconnections, hindering their ability to execute precise movements and costing them crucial points during competitions.

Discovering the SWATCOM Solution

Frustrated by the limitations of their previous communication system, Emeline reached out to SWATCOM for a better solution. The SWATCOM team gladly provided them with their lightweight Multicom 2 headsets, designed with cutting-edge technology to meet the demands of professional sports.

SWATCOM Multicom 2 Headset

A Partnership Redefined

As Emeline and Alana put the SWATCOM Multicom 2 headsets to the test, they realized the true potential of seamless communication. The headset allowed Emeline to hear Alana’s instructions instantly, enabling rapid and accurate micro-adjustments as she climbed. The clarity of the microphone and the ability to adjust sensitivity minimized distractions from background noise, a game-changer during training at busy gyms.

Maximizing Freedom and Mobility

In the world of competitive climbing, every ounce of freedom and mobility counts. The Multicom 2 headset’s compact design and the secure case that clips onto their climbing harnesses eliminated the need for additional gear. This allowed both Emeline and Alana to move freely, with Emeline reaching and moving rapidly up the wall while Alana maintained clear visual angles from the gym floor.

Unleashing Limitless Potential

The SWATCOM Multicom 2 headset unlocked a new level of confidence in Emeline and Alana’s climbing partnership. With the flawless communication and rapid feedback, they have fine-tuned their strategies to take on any challenge. Having experienced dropped phone calls and auditory delays with other systems during World Cups, the Multicom 2 headset has proven its cutting-edge performance during their intense training sessions.

Emeline & Alana’s Testimonial

“As a competitive US National Team rock climber, every second matters. Every movement is calculated to maximize my efficiency, and any mistake can cost me the route. As a blind climber, I need to be in sync with my caller, who stands on the ground and talks me through every move as I compete. She translates a random spattering of holds on a wall into a movement pattern that I can execute, giving me corrections as I go if I’m reaching too far right or bringing my foot up too high.

It has taken us months to achieve the partnership we have now. Building the trust that she will guide me in ways that work for my body, and the trust that I will listen carefully to her directions has been a journey. But now that we’ve put in the hundreds of hours on the wall together, our potential is limitless.

To harness that potential, we need a communications system that is seamless, instantaneous, and reliable. Few sports rely so heavily on the flawless performance of a comms system, and we have certainly put SWATCOM  to the test. With the MultiComm 2 headset system, I can hear my caller’s instructions instantly, allowing for rapid and accurate micro-adjustments to be made as I climb. The microphone picks up our dialogue crisply and clearly, and the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the mic has been game-changing to minimize distractions from background noise while training at a busy gym. The case that comes with the device clips securely onto our climbing harnesses without the need for additional gear, minimizing clunkiness and enabling both of us to move freely—me reaching and moving rapidly up the wall, and my caller running around the gym floor to get clear visual angles.

I am immensely grateful to SWATCOM for providing us with their elite technology. From phone calls dropping during World Cups and noticeable auditory delays with other communication setups, the MultiComm 2 has already been cutting-edge during our training sessions. It is bringing a new level of confidence to our climbing, and we cannot wait to see it perform on the world stage!”

A Case Study of SWATCOM Multicom 2 Headsets in Blind Climbing


The inspiring story of Emeline and Alana showcases how innovation and technology can transform challenges into triumphs. The SWATCOM Multicom 2 headsets have not only empowered them to climb to new heights but have also demonstrated the power of collaboration and trust. Through seamless communication, Emeline and Alana’s journey in the world of blind climbing serves as a testament to the endless possibilities when passion, determination, and technology converge.

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