Hunting and shooting hearing protection

In all high noise environments it is important to protect yourself. Sustained exposure to noise above 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing problems such as deafness or tinnitus. With the average pistol / rifle shot measured at between 140 – 180 dB shooters are more vulnerable than most to these conditions.

We offer a wide range of hearing protection for hunting and shooting enthusiasts based upon their requirements and budgets, from passive earmuffs, active listening headsets & In ear hearing protection. Browse our range of products below to learn more.


The SWATCOM Active8 is a premier product, designed to the highest possible specification, with the latest ASIC digital technology to ensure the best sound reproduction of any headset of it’s type around the world. With the added features, including being totally submersible and therefore fully waterproof, these headsets meet the demands of the modern Military Soldiers, Police First Responders and Professional Shooters. This quality is further endorsed by a 5 Year manufacturers warranty covering the electronics.

Passive Headsets

Passive headsets offer simple hearing protection with no thrills. These do not have any electronics and are simply worn over the ears to protect the user. We offer Passive headsets in different styles, with different levels of SNR, offering different levels of comfort.  We would suggest browsing our Passive headsets if you are looking for something simple, that will give a basic level of protection, with no additional performance/comfort enhancing features. As we continue to say how important it is you protect your hearing wherever possible.

In ear protection

Here at SWATCOM, we pride ourselves on being experts in the field of hearing protection, as-well as communications. We are proud to give customers the option to choose between over the head, behind the head or in-ear hearing protection, depending on your shooting style & what your idea of being comfortable, while remaining uninterupted is. Everyone has their own preferences, for this reason our aim is to offer you the most advanced & reliable products on the market to choose from, while keeping options vast & quality assured.

Hunting and shooting accessories

Explore our range of accessories such as range bags, hygiene kits for refreshing your headset, safety glasses, custom stickers, tactical gloves and more.

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