A world record-breaking clay pigeon shooter who has won over 30 world titles whilst also being an avid game shooter. His preference for hearing protection is our SWATCOM Active8s for his sport and competitive shooting and CENS’ in-ear for game shooting.



George Digweed MBE is a British clay pigeon shooter who is widely regarded as one of the greatest shotgun shooters in the history of the sport. He has consistently performed at an elite level on the international stage. George has earned numerous accolades and records in the world of shooting, particularly in disciplines such as Sporting, Trap, and Skeet.

George Digweed’s achievements and influence in clay pigeon shooting have earned him a place of distinction in the sport’s history. Today, he remains an active and prominent figure within the shooting community.

Beyond his sporting feats, he annually raises substantial funds for charity, nearing a remarkable one million pounds for various charitable causes to date.


  • In a historic feat, George achieved an unprecedented milestone in 2015 by winning three World Titles—The World Sporting, The World FITASC, and the World Compak – this has never been done in the history of Shooting. He also boasts an impressive record, securing 31 world titles (16 Sporting, 12 Fitasc, and 2 Compak), along with 19 European titles (15 Fitasc and 4 Compak), 4 European Compak titles, and 14 world cups.

  • In July 2023, George secured another World Title at FITASC, adding to his impressive collection of 4 current World Records. With the most World Championship Titles in the history of any sport, George has achieved unparalleled success.

  • He achieved another historic milestone as the first man to shoot ‘100 straight’ in a World Championship event. In October 2011, during filming for a Fieldsports Channel TV program, he surpassed his own record set in America, breaking a clay at 130 yards using standard cartridges, surpassing his previous mark of 118 yards.