Alix Jade Gregory

A versatile, passionate Clay Shooter dedicated to bettering herelf in the sport and empowering women in the  shooting community.


Meet Alix, a passionate Clay Shooter with over four years of experience in the sport. Her dedication extends beyond personal skill-building as she actively collaborate with the Dynamic Ladies Shooting Club, striving to empower and attract more women to the world of shooting.

Known for her versatility and reluctance to confine herself to a single discipline, Alix is a bit of a self proclaimed rebel in sticking to one specific style. She finds joy and challenge in exploring various shooting categories. Her enthusiasm for embracing different aspects of shooting makes her an engaging and open-minded advocate within the community.


  • Winner of multiple clay shooting titles.

  • Collaborates closely with the Dynamic Ladies Shooting Club, actively promoting the sport and encouraging greater female participation.
  • A falconer, training birds for prey for hawking.