Barney Eastman

A Clay shooter who has made a name for himself competing worldwide as well as for his county.


Barney Eastman is a seasoned marksman whose passion for shooting began at age 7. From the moment he picked up a gun, it was evident that he possessed a natural talent for the sport. Competing since the age of 10, Barney quickly achieved recognition, showcasing his exceptional skills both as an individual and a team player.

Representing his county on numerous occasions, Barney has proven himself as a formidable force in the shooting world going on to win at some major competitions. (see below)

We have proudly supported Barney since 2021  and with his unwavering dedication and a keen eye for precision, Barney Eastman continues to leave his mark on the shooting community, setting his sights on even greater achievements in the future.


  • His list of accolades includes prestigious titles such as the World Colt Sportrap and the British Sporting Colt Champion, among others.