Leading UK shooting organisation promoting sustainable practices, offering training, conservation initiatives, and advocacy at governmental levels, safeguarding the sport and wildlife habitats for over a century.


BASC – The British Association for Shooting and Conservation. BASC takes great pride in its century-long dedication to fostering sustainable shooting practices and safeguarding the diverse landscapes of our natural environment.

BASC stands as a defender of the shooting community’s interests, advocating for responsible stewardship of our wildlife habitats and promoting the timeless traditions of shooting sports.

BASC believes in the coexistence of shooting sports and conservation. Through its advocacy efforts, it strives to promote sustainable shooting practices that ensure the longevity of cherished traditions while preserving the delicate balance of ecosystems.

Whether individuals are seasoned enthusiasts or newcomers to the world of shooting, BASC offers comprehensive advice, training, and education programmes designed to nurture responsible gun ownership, safety, and proficiency in shooting sports. BASC is dedicated to leaving a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship.


  • Promoting sustainable shooting practices
  • Comprehensive advice, training, and education
  • Conservation initiatives
  • Advocacy at every level