Bisley Shooting Ground

Bisley Shooting Club, nestled in Cottesloe Heath, offers a historic yet modern shooting experience. With 76 traps and a rich legacy spanning 128 years, it’s a haven for shooting enthusiasts.


Bisley Shooting Club stands as a respected institution in the world of shooting sports. Set amidst the tranquil Cottesloe Heath, its Victorian Clubhouse exudes historic charm alongside modern amenities. The Grouse Butts, High Tower, and Crane on its grounds attract shooters of all levels, offering a chance to test their skills.

With 76 traps across 30 stands, Bisley ensures an exciting experience for shooters, whether they’re beginners or seasoned enthusiasts. The facilities cater to all needs, from those starting their clay pigeon journey to those refining their expertise.

For over 128 years, Bisley Camp has hosted esteemed organisations like the National Rifle Association (NRA), adding to its legacy. Its grounds have witnessed historical moments, such as Queen Victoria’s inaugural shot at Wimbledon in 1860, a tradition continued in the annual Imperial Prize Meeting.

Head to Bisley’s to experience it’s extensive 3000-acre estate, featuring colonial architecture and lush woodlands brimming with wildlife. Discover the natural beauty and rich heritage that define Bisley Shooting Club.


  • Shooting school catering to individuals without the need for gun ownership, licence, or prior experience
  • Variety of calibre guns available, tailored to individual height and build
  • Activities include sporting clays sessions
  • Simulated game days offered for realistic shooting experiences
  • Special events such as ladies days, young shots days, and various other events throughout the year