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Bradley Davis

Bradley Davis, a former international trap shooter turned coach now shares his expertise to help others excel in field and clay shooting. Passionate about firearms, he designs gun builds for F.Beesley.


Bradley Davis’s passion for field sports was ignited at a young age, growing up in a family deeply rooted in the countryside. From early on, he found himself drawn to game shooting and sporting clays, often found with a gun in hand, honing his skills whenever possible.

A chance encounter with coaches and a talent scout opened the door to a remarkable journey in international trap shooting. Bradley proudly represented his country on numerous occasions, winning both domestic and international titles across the globe. These experiences not only fueled his love for the sport but also provided invaluable insights from interacting with those around him.

Fuelled by his successes and the desire to share his expertise, Bradley transitioned into coaching, determined to help others unlock their full potential in both game and clay shooting. Witnessing the tangible results his clients achieve heightens his love for the sport and the shooting community.

Outside of coaching, Bradley channels his passion for firearms into designing gun builds for F.Beesley, further immersing himself in the sport he loves. Bradley relies on his SWATCOM hearing protection day in and day out, whether he’s testing guns, on the peg, or coaching clients, ensuring his safety and performance remain paramount year-round!


  • Former Junior World medal holder
  • British & English champion
  • Competed in European Games
  • Was part of Team GB for 13 years before turning his hand to coaching and gun design