Chris “Chip” Smith

Chris Smith better known as “Chip” is a seasoned shooter who has won multiple international and national titles in his shooting career. He also enjoys coaching as a Game Bird Shooting team member, fly fishing, and working alongside his dog.


Chris “Chip” Smith has been passionate about shooting since his early years, starting with his Dad and a side-by-side folding 4.10. Now, shooting with a Blaser F3 Pro 12-bore O/U, he competes and coaches other shooters.

Over his career, Chip has competed extensively across Europe, earning 4 team golds with the GB FITASC Sporting team and 7 team golds with the England FITASC team, serving as Captain in 2022.

In 2022, Chip gained his first England Sporting Cap in Jersey, where he won the Veteran team gold. He was also crowned World Sportrap Veteran Champion and overall runner-up the same year, marking a career highlight. Additionally, he has won numerous Surrey County Championships in English Sporting, FITASC Sporting, Compak, Sportrap, and All Round. This also included the 2024 GB Veteran Team Gold and Individual Veteran Silver in Spain whilst also captaining the Veterans team.

Outside of his competitive shooting career, Chip coaches for Game Bird Shooting, takes time out to go fly fishing, and enjoys the companionship of working with his dog.


  • 4 team golds for the GB FITASC Sporting team
  • 7 team golds for the England FITASC team
  • Team Captain for England 2022 FITASC Championship
  • England Sporting Veteran team Gold 2022
  • GB Veteran Team Gold 2024
  • European Championship, Individual, Veteran Silver 2024