Cory Doble

Cory Doble has been shooting for almost half of his life, having found his passion at local clubs before specialising in Trap Shooting. He has proudly represented England and contributes to the shooting community in a multitude of areas.


Cory Doble, aged 20, brings nine years of shooting experience to under his belt. He started his shooting career at a local club near to his home, where he immersed himself in the world of sporting shooting for two years. However, it wasn’t long before his passion led him to explore other displines, prompting his transition to Spennymoor and District Clay Pigeon Club. Here, he began trying various shooting disciplines, eventually finding his niche in Trap Shooting.

Cory has proudly represented England on seven occasions, showcasing his talent across three different disciplines: Down The Line (DTL), Olympic Trap (OTR), and Automatic Ball Trap (ABT).

Beyond his personal accomplishments as a shooter, Cory is actively involved in the shooting community, serving on Spennymoor’s committee. In this capacity, he takes charge of setting up and maintaining traps for ABT and DTL events, his passion for the sport goes beyond the confines of competition.

Professionally, he’s an integral part of a team of production engineers at a Subsea cable manufacturing company, where he works on High Voltage cables for renewable energy and Oil & Gas umbilicals.

An engineer at heart, Cory’s had a interest in gunsmithing at a young age. Over time, he has honed his skills, expanding into the creation of stocks and machining gun parts, including High Ribs and adjustable comb kits. His multifaceted expertise speaks volumes about his commitment to excellence in both his professional and personal pursuits.


  • 1 England OTR Cap
  • 2 England DTL Caps
  • 4 England ABT Caps
  • European DTL colt champion
  • 2021 England DTL Junior team captain
  • English Open ABT and DTL junior High gun
  • British Open ABT and DTL junior High gun
  • Many local county and regional titles