The CPSA is the National Governing body for Clay Target Shooting in England, supporting clay target shooting enthusiasts across the UK.


SWATCOM are a proud headline sponsor for The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA). The CPSA serves as the National Governing Body for Clay Target Shooting in England, offering support to clay target shooting enthusiasts across the UK. Since its establishment, the CPSA has been dedicated to upholding the highest standards of excellence in every dimension of the sport, advocating for its advancement, and cultivating a vibrant community of passionate shooters.

The CPSA warmly welcomes individuals seeking to learn, refine their skills, or compete at various levels using their shooting prowess. With a membership enriched by over 140 years of unrivalled knowledge and proficiency, the association provides a platform for enthusiasts to flourish and achieve their best.

Headquartered at the prestigious National Shooting Centre in Bisley, Woking, Surrey, the CPSA operates a small headquarters supported by a dedicated team of professionals, and works alongside industry-specialist consultants.

At the heart of its mission, the CPSA oversees the management of Clay Target Shooting for approximately 22,500 members, actively supporting the interests of 400 affiliated clubs and grounds. Moreover, the association proudly collaborates with around 200 Trade Members, recognising the mutually beneficial nature of this alliance.

The CPSA remains steadfast in its commitment to not only manage but also nurture the sport, fostering a culture of excellence, inclusivity, and expansion for all stakeholders involved.


  • Over 22,500 members, 400 affiliated clubs and grounds and 200 trade members. 
  • CPSA Annual Awards!
  • Multiple educational courses to take part in from coaching to referee certifications.