Emeline Lakrout

Emeline is a blind competitive rock climber, triathlete and disability rights advocate based in New York City


Emeline’s ascent in the world of rock climbing began in 2021, swiftly propelling her to join the US National Paraclimbing Team. As a B1 classified climber, she competes with a blindfold, showcasing exceptional skill and determination. Emeline has made her mark on the global stage, participating in World Cups and the 2023 IFSC World Championship in Bern, Switzerland and has ranked as one the top two B1 female climbers worldwide.

Beyond her athletic achievements, Emeline is a passionate disability rights activist. She actively engages in legislative lobbying, awareness campaigns, and speaks at influential institutions. She passionatly advocates for a more inclusive world. Emeline’s climbing journey is backed by our Multicom, helping bringing her and her called a newfound confidence to their climbing exploits. We are excited to witness her impact on the world stage with the help of our equiptment.


  • Competed in multiple world cups
  • Placed top 2 in the 2023 IFSC World championship
  • Disability rights advocate