Harry Lufflum

A sporting shooter who currently competes at Down the Line events, owner of Pigeon’s Den


Harry Lufflum’s journey into the world of shooting began, much like many enthusiasts, at a young age with air rifles. As soon as he could, he eagerly graduated to shotguns, marking the onset of a lifelong passion for the sport.

Driven by his competitive spirit and wanting to expand his skills, Harry has recently delved into Down The Line shooting. His talent and commitment have not gone unnoticed, as he has represented England on the international stage. With three appearances under his belt, including two home internationals and participation in the prestigious world championships held in South Africa.

Beyond his competitive shooting, Harry is deeply rooted in the rural lifestyle. At weekends you will be able to find him immersed in the countryside, orchestrating Shoot Days and fostering bonds among fellow enthusiasts with his latest endeavour Pigeon’s Den. For Harry, there’s nothing quite like the simple joys of a day spent in the Countryside open fields, accompanied by a loyal yet occasionally mischievous dog, and surrounded by friends.

Harry Lufflum’s story is one of skill, dedication, and a connection to the land—a testament to the timelessness of shooting sports and the bond between man, nature, and community.


  • Representing England for Down the Line shooting competitions
  • Owner of Piegon’s Den, a shooting network