Jean-Paul Gaudin

Jean-Paul Gaudin aka The Seated Gun, a renowned game shot, shares his adventures, advocating for shooting and rural communities worldwide with finesse and passion.


Jean-Paul Gaudin is a remarkable figure in the shooting world, overcoming adversity to become a celebrated icon in the industry after surviving a life-altering motorcycle accident.

It was after meeting his now-wife and her having lessons with highly regarded coach Geoff Bryant, that reignited Jean-Paul’s shooting journey. As Geoff watched Jean-Paul shoot it was clear he shot like a typical continental! Ambushing rather than using technique. Transformed by Bryant’s coaching, Jean-Paul honed his technique, transitioning from “ambushing” clays to displaying finesse and precision.

Jean-Paul emerged as one of the most prominent personalities in game shooting, inspiring thousands with his resilience and passion.

As an esteemed game shooter, Jean-Paul’s adventures take him across the UK, sharing his experiences with a devoted following on his YouTube Channel, Instagram and TikTok. His captivating content showcases the beauty of renowned estates, engaging fellow enthusiasts worldwide. Through his compelling footage, he not only captures the essence of shooting but also advocates for its positive impact on rural communities.

Today, Jean-Paul embraces driven game shooting, relishing every opportunity to prove that skill knows no bounds. He has graced top shooting estates, shared his experiences through filmed reviews, and advocated for mobility awareness in the shooting community. Jean-Paul’s journey is a testament to resilience, passion, and the unwavering spirit of a true sportsman.


  • Advocate for the impact on shooting in rural communities
  • Champions accessibility within shooting
  • Featured in multiple print publications
  • Over 7k followers on Instagram, over 4k subscribers on Youtube, and in excess of a million views of his TikTok Channel