Joshua Poyser

Joshua Poyser’s shooting journey began with his dad and friends at the local clay ground. What started as fun turned serious with coaching from James Bradley-Day. With England team dreams, he thrives on challenges.


Joshua Poyser’s journey into shooting began alongside his father and a group of friends, during weekend excursions to their local clay ground. What started as casual fun soon evolved into a passionate pursuit, fueled by coaching from, another of our Athletes, James Bradley-Day.

For Joshua, shooting isn’t just about hitting target. It’s about the camaraderie, the diverse challenges and setting and achieving goals. This drives his enthusiasm and keeps him motivated to excel. With aspirations set on joining the England sporting team, Joshua embraces the challenges and rewards of the sport.

Outside of shooting, Joshua finds excitement on the rugby field as a flanker for his local club and in cheering on his favorite teams in Formula 1. He’s also an adventurous spirit, recently returning from an extended backpacking trip through Southeast Asia and Australia. 


  • Hampshire Super Sporting overall Champion
  • 3rd in Junior and A Class British open Sportrap
  • 3rd in Juniors British Open Sporting.
  • Hampshire Team shooter