National Clay Shooting Centre

Established in 2002, NCSC is a world-class shooting complex with over 90 clay release machines. It hosts various competitions and offers practice sessions and shooting lessons across all disciplines.


Established for the Commonwealth Games in 2002, NCSC is a globally recognised shooting complex boasting world-class facilities. Its distinctive skyline, adorned with white canopies, encompasses a range of exceptional shooting layouts equipped with over 90 clay release machines suitable for shooters of all levels. With advanced features such as computer-controlled scoring, trap sequencing, and acoustic release, alongside dedicated training layouts, NCSC offers a conducive environment for competitive events and skill development.

Throughout the year, NCSC hosts various competitions, including CPSA Registered shoots, BICTSF Selection shoots, and club competitions, providing ample opportunities for shooters to participate and improve. Additionally, practice sessions are available, subject to availability, and professional shooting lessons can be arranged across all disciplines.

Nestled amidst the serene Surrey heathland, NCSC provides 72 Promatic traps, covered stands, and modern amenities tailored to clay shooters’ needs. Located just 30 miles from central London, the National Shooting Centre at Bisley Camp has been a hub for marksmanship since 1890, hosting prestigious national and international competitions, including the revered Commonwealth Games.


Clay layouts for the following displines

  • English skeet
  • Olympic Trap
  • Down the Line
  • Olympic Skeet
  • Skeet competition

Beginning and tuition is available at this shooting centre.