Nigel Hart

A Welsh shooter who has represented his country on multiple shooting stages of note. With 35years of experience and no end in sight he is gearing up for another year of successes!


Nigel Hart has been on the shooting scene for 35 years, making his mark both locally in Wales and on the international stage. His 75 appearances for the Welsh Team in Home Internationals and World Championships underscore his unwavering dedication and skill.

On the global front, Nigel’s proficiency in marksmanship shines through with 8 appearances for TEAMGB in FITASC Sporting, earning him an impressive array of 5 Team Gold medals, alongside 1 Silver and 1 Bronze. Currently, he’s gearing up to represent TEAMGB at the 2024 European Championship in Spain, showcasing his ongoing commitment to excellence.

Noteworthy triumphs include clinching the title of World Sporting Veteran Champion at E J Churchill’s and securing 1st place in AA with an outstanding score of 182. Additional accolades include titles such as the Welsh Open Sporting Champion and British Sportrap Vet Champion at Garlands.

As he anticipates the challenges and opportunities of 2024, Nigel’s steadfast dedication to his craft sets the stage for another year of notable achievements in the world of shooting.


Nigel’s list of current titles:

  • World Sporting Veteran Champion 2023
  • Welsh Sporting Champion 2023
  • Welsh Super Sporting Champion2023
  • British Sportrap Veteran Champion 2023
  • UK FITASC Veteran Champion 2023
  • FITASC Home International Veteran Champion