Sean Scott

Experienced global guide, hunter, shooter; partner at big game retreat Las Loberuelas.


Renowned for an illustrious career spanning the globe, Sean stands as a seasoned guide, hunter, and marksman, having traversed terrains across Africa, North and South America, Europe, and Asia. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Sean currently holds the esteemed position of a partner at Las Loberuelas estate near Seville, a premier establishment boasting both a flourishing partridge shoot and a compelling big game experience.

Throughout Sean’s journey, the endorsement of SWATCOM kit has been unwavering. A loyal advocate for over two decades, Sean not only utilises but passionately recommends SWATCOM gear to clients, reflecting the trust and reliance placed in these tools garnered from extensive personal use and expertise.


  • Partner at Las Loberuelas estates
  • Creates bespoke experiences for his clients on big shoots