Steve Scott

Steve Scott is a double Olympian and decorated UK shooter. He coaches the GB junior team while fostering talent and promoting shooting sports, aiming for lasting community impact.


Steve Scott is a distinguished athlete whose journey in shooting sports has left a mark on the UK’s shooting community. He boasts an impressive array of medals won across various National and  International competitions.

Among his numerous accolades, Steve win a prestigious Olympic Bronze at Rio 2016 in Double Trap. However, the Olympic committee removed Double Trap from the roster post-2016. This didn’t slow Steve down and he embraced the change, transitioning to Olympic Trap with a new found determination.

In his new discipline, Steve’s prowess continues to shine brightly as he secures multiple domestic titles and earns coveted spots in international finals. His unwavering commitment to excellence fuels his desire to sustain his remarkable career trajectory.

Beyond his personal achievements, Steve is driven by a profound passion for nurturing talent and fostering growth within the shooting community. Currently, he serves as a coach for the GB junior Olympic Trap team, channeling his expertise into the next generation of athletes. Additionally, he actively engages in grassroots initiatives within British Shooting, launching and supporting programs aimed at cultivating budding talent.

As a dedicated ambassador for the sport, Steve tirelessly advocates for its expansion and accessibility. Through his involvement in various initiatives such as summer camps, fundraisers, and coaching clinics, he endeavors to inspire participation in Olympic disciplines and cultivate a diverse shooting community. His overarching mission is to educate, inform, and elevate the sport’s profile, ensuring its enduring legacy for generations to come and his students couldn’t speak more highlighly of him!


  • Olympic Games Bronze, Rio 2016
  • Commonwealth Games Gold, 2010 & 2014
  • World Cup Final Gold, 2015
  • European Championships Gold, 2003 (Junior), 2008 & 2014
  • European Championships Silver, 2012
  • European Championships Bronze, 2007
  • World Cup Silver, 2015
  • World Championships Gold, 2003 (Junior)
  • World Championships Bronze, 2014
  • Multiple British Champion
  • Multiple UK Champion
  • Multiple English Champion British Shooting Shotgun Series Gold Medallist
  • British Shooting Grand Final Gold Medallist