The SWATCOM 2talk Pro is a Full-Duplex, wireless encrypted, bluetooth communication system that allows two operators to continuously talk totally hands-free up to 300 metres apart.

Bluetooth communication headset, Two-way hands-free communications, Works up to 300m, Noise-cancelling microphone.

Are you looking for a communication solution for work in noisy environments?

The SWATCOM 2talk offers clear & concise communications for up to 2 users, in noisy & demanding environments, up to 400m apart. Thanks to the noise cancelling microphone users are able to work next to extremely loud machinery, (A chainsaw for example) and have the speech transmitted clearly through the microphone while eliminating/reducing the loud background noise (The chainsaw in this case.) The heavy duty ear cups keep the wearers hearing protected from any harmful external sounds, with easy to replace hygiene kits & premium made componenets ensuring the SWATCOM 2talks are built to last, while  delivering clear communications & a high level of hearing protection in challenging & demanding environments.

  • Enjoy clear concise communications up to 200m
  • Retain hearing protection with comfortable, heavy duty ear cups
  • Allows for 2 users in complete hands free, full duplex communication
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries (Re-chargeable battereies can be used)
  • Encrypted full duplex communication
  • Flashing LED indicates headsets are in operation
  • Quick positioning noise cancelling microphone
  • CE, EMC and FCC approved