SWATCOM’s Venture with Squire Editions – Driving Communication Excellence and Safety in Style

Jan 24, 2024 | Communications, Hearing Protection

In the dynamic world of bespoke vehicles for the Field Sports industry, Squire Editions has emerged as a prominent UK-based player, offering tailored solutions ranging from restoring old favourites to customising and adapting vehicles to meet clients’ wildest dreams.

Rolling into Collaboration: Squire Edition’s Tank Restoration Journey

One of Squire Edition’s recent ventures involved the start of a project restoration and customisation of a tank, presenting a unique challenge – the need for effective communication within the team while protecting their hearing from the tank’s noise during travel. This challenge led them to our SWATCOM range, as a leading provider of communication and hearing protection solutions.

SWATCOM’s initial talks with Squire Edition began with a thorough understanding of their specific needs. A SWATCOM team, armed with the Multicom Pro and SC34, met with Squire’s team to provide a hands-on training session, ensuring they could fully leverage the capabilities of the equipment.

Gear Shift: SWATCOM’s Customised Communication Solutions

During discussions, it became evident that Squire Editions was also in the market for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and communication devices for their workshop and offices. Leveraging the resources of SWATCOM’s parent company, Talking Headsets, a package was curated, including Icom Digital 2-way radios, hearing protection, safety glasses, and associated mics and earpieces. 

Cruising Beyond Tanks: Squire Edition’s Workshop Communication Overhaul

The combined SWATCOM and Talking Headsets solution not only shielded the Squire Editions team from the workshop’s noise and potential hazards but also facilitated seamless communication across various work areas. This helped streamline their processes, enhancing team coordination and ensuring that everyone stayed connected, whether in the workshop or further afield.

Turbocharged Partnership: Squire Edition Drives SWATCOM Product Reselling

Impressed by the performance and reliability of SWATCOM’s products, Squire Edition took a step further and became a reseller of the SWATCOM shooting range. This strategic partnership not only solidified the relationship between the two companies but also allowed Squire Edition to offer SWATCOM’s cutting-edge solutions to their clients. Now, customers exploring Squire Edition’s range of field sport vehicles can also discover and acquire SWATCOM’s range of shooting products.

On the Road to Stardom: Squire Edition’s Discovery+ Showcase

As a testament to the success of this collaboration, Squire Edition is gaining visibility on Vinny Jones’ Discovery+ show, “Vinny Jones In The Countryside,” showcasing their work on turning a Land Rover into essentially a supercar. Also don’t forget to check out their YouTube channel for the big reveal of Vinny Jones’ old-new Defender.

In the Rearview Mirror: SWATCOM and Squire Edition – A Seamless Journey Forward

In conclusion, the partnership between SWATCOM and Squire Edition exemplifies the synergy achieved when innovative companies collaborate to address unique challenges. The integration of SWATCOM’s advanced communication solutions has not only helped optimise Squire Edition’s operations but has also opened new avenues for both companies in the competitive market of high end field sports products.