The Great Britain Rifle Team’s Impact on Multicom 2: A Communication Revolution

Dec 4, 2023 | Communications

Discover how the collaboration between SWATCOM and the Great Britain Rifle Team led to the evolution of the Multicom, whilst revolutionising communication in long-range team matches. In this post, we delve into the practical aspects and developments that emerged from this partnership, highlighting the significance of effective communication in sports.

Communication Simplified:

Several years ago, in conversations with the Great Britain Rifle Team, a need for streamlined and efficient communication became apparent. The wireless SWATCOM Multicom emerged as the solution, purposefully designed to help address the intricate communication challenges encountered in long-range, multi-target team matches. This upgrade from their previous wired system marked a pivotal moment for both the team’s and the Multicom’s journey.

Key Role in Team Sports:

Effective communication is paramount in team sports, particularly in disciplines like Long Range Rifle Shooting. The direct link between Wind Coaches on each target and the Main Coach is crucial, influencing the tactics deployed in a match. The Multicom seamlessly integrates with SWATCOM headsets, allowing the Great Britain Rifle Team to enhance communication capabilities while safeguarding hearing—a practical and tactical advantage.

Testing the Waters:

Despite initial restrictions on wireless communications during competitions, the Great Britain Rifle Team tested the Multicom during training sessions. Impressed by its performance, they shared their experience with the governing body, ultimately influencing a rule change for the sport. This bold move signaled a positive shift in the sport’s approach to communication technology.

Team-Driven Modifications:

The team’s hands-on experience led to valuable insights and proposed modifications to benefit not only their sport but also others using the Multicom. Encryption became a critical feature to deter unauthorised access, preventing interception of tactics and wind calls. Collaborating with manufacturing partners, these suggestions paved the way for the development of the Multicom 2—a testament to the team’s commitment to improving communication technology. This is also a practical advancement for any other Multicom user who needs a secure line whether they work covertly or have need of a secure line of communication between colleagues.

A Proud Partnership:

As sponsors of the Great British Rifle Team for seven years, SWATCOM’s collaboration has allowed the Multicom to evolve, supporting multiple disciplines and industries. This partnership reflects our commitment to innovation and delivering top-notch communication solutions in both sports and industrial settings.

Unlock the Multicom Advantage:

Contact our team today to explore how the Multicom can revolutionise communication in your industry. Whether in competitive sports, construction sites, marinas, or beyond, the Multicom’s versatility and applications are endless. Join us in embracing practical communication solutions that make a real impact.