Our communications product range is vast, covering a wide range of requirements and scenarios. From full-duplex communication solutions to ultra-discrete covert kits, we have something perfect for you.

As a premium retailer, every product we offer is of the absolute highest quality, often used around the globe by professionals that desire seamless communication when it matters.
SWATCOM Multicom 3

Duplex Communications

Communication solutions that allow multiple people to speak simultaneously.

Sordin Mil CC Tactical Headset

Two Way Radio Headsets

Communications headsets that are compatible with a range of two way radios.

SWATCOM PTT7000 Heavy Duty Press To Talk Switch

Two Way Radio Accessories

Assorted two way radio accessories such as PTTs, RSMs and chargers.

SWATCOM Savox Clarity Covert Kit w/Wireless PTT Key Fob and RCR7 Earpiece

Covert Communications

Communications earpieces, throat microphones and covert kits.

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