Charlie Faulds

16-year-old shooting enthusiast and winner of the 28th European Compak Championship who has a passion for international shooting adventures.


Meet Charlie, a remarkable 16-year-old shooting enthusiast with a passion for the sport that began at a young age. He was just three years old when he started honing his skills with air rifles in the garden, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey into the world of shooting.

By the age of 6, Charlie broke his first clay with a .410, showcasing early signs of exceptional talent. Charlie has since moved from his air rifle to his Caesar Gurini Invictus III Ascent, teamed, when shooting in the UK, with his cartridge of choice the Lyalvale Express Super Comp 28g 8, and the Supreme Comp 28g 6.5.

Charlie now spends most of his time shooting Sporting and occasionally dabbles in English skeet. 

Venturing beyond national borders, Charlie embraces international competitions with enthusiasm. In the United States, he favours the B&P 1 1/8 ounce (32g) 7.5, while in Europe, the B&P “Next” 28g 7.5 has been a standout choice for the current year.

Outside of Owls Shooting Lodge, you might be able to find Charlie at Barbury Shooting School – standing out as a close favourite shooting ground of his since their development over the years.

Undoubtedly, the pinnacle of Charlie’s shooting career thus far is the achievement of winning Gold in the Junior category at the 28th European Compak Championship in Foligno, Italy, in June. This victory holds special significance as it marked the first major triumph for the B&P “Next” cartridge, a testament to Charlie’s dedication to the technical outputs of his equipment.

For Charlie, the favourite aspect of the sport is the ability to participate in international events. As Charlie continues to grow and excel in the world of shooting, his journey promises to be a captivating one, filled with achievements and milestones yet to be conquered. We can’t wait to see how his career flourishes!


  • Junior European champion
  • National championship (international AA) 1st
  • National championship all around AA 3rd
  • Winner of 3 English open colts titles.
  • Winner of a British Open title
  • World ESP Colt 3rd place
  • World SSP Colt 2nd place
  • Winner of the CPSA Young Shot of the Year 2024