Faye Wills

Faye Wills is a talented Trap Shooter, keen runner and a teacher from Kent. She had her first GB cap at the European Championship Match 2024


Faye Wills is a skilled clay shooter from Kent, with a passion for the sport that began at the age of 16. Her interest was sparked by a friendly competition with her father, where she discovered her talent and determination to excel. Over the years, Faye has represented her county in various disciplines, focusing primarily on trap shooting, including Helice, ABT, DTL, and UT.

In 2024, Faye’s dedication and hard work were rewarded when she qualified for the Great Britain shooting team for the first time, marking a significant milestone in her shooting career.

Beyond the shooting range, Faye is also an avid runner, enjoying the balance and fitness that running brings to her life. With a professional yet approachable demeanour, Faye is a respected shooting community figure known for her commitment and passion for the sport.


  • British Universities and Colleges Women’s Clay Shooting Champion 2022
  • Kent ABT Women’s Champion 2023
  • Canterbury Christ Church University Sport Scholar of the Year 2023
  • Kent Universal Trench Women’s Champion 2023
  • Kent Helice Women’s Champion 2023
  • South East Region Women’s Helice Champion 2023
  • Sporting Ghedi Cup (Italy) Women’s Runner-Up 2023
  • President’s Cup (Italy) Women’s Champion (joint) 2023
  • Kent Down the Line Women’s Champion 2023
  • Pat Lynch Memorial Champion (Helice ZZ) 2023
  • British Grand Prix Helice ZZ Women’s Silver 2023
  • South East Region Intercounties Helice ZZ Women’s Champion 2023
  • National Intercounties Down the Line Women’s Third Place 2023
  • British Universities and Colleges Women’s Clay Shooting Bronze 2023
  • Formula One Charity Shoot Women’s Champion 2024
  • Qualified for the Great Britain Shooting Team in Helice ZZ 2024
  • European Championships Match of Nations Team GB Women’s Team Bronze 2024