Great Britain Rifle Team

“The objective in individual and team shooting is simple: hit the middle more often than anyone else in a given time, with a given number of shots”


The Great Britain Rifle Team (GBRT) epitomises precision and teamwork in fullbore rifle competitions. Armed with bolt-action rifles firing .308 inch bullets, they excel at distances ranging from 300 to 1000 yards.

In fullbore rifle shooting, competitors eschew telescopic sights, relying instead on slings for stability in the prone position. This discipline demands both individual accuracy and synchronised efforts in team matches.

Each shooter grapples with wind’s unpredictable influence, adjusting sights to counter its effects. In team matches, designated wind coaches assist by monitoring conditions and making sight adjustments, while teammates record shot placements for strategic analysis.

The GBRT’s success hinges on expertise, collaboration, and unwavering dedication to mastering the demanding art of fullbore shooting. To find out more about the team and their upcoming Palma 2024 match, head to their website!

The GBRT also helped us develop the SWATCOM Mulitcom2 to read more about how the partnership started read our blog post.


In the history of the team they have amounted quite the collection of International wins:

  • The Commonwealth wins – 32
  • The National Match wins – 112
  • The Canada Match wins – 30
  • The Protea Match wins – 4
  • The Australia Match wins – 24
  • The American Match wins – 4
  • Kolapore wins – 100
  • The Palma Match (World Championships) wins – 8

To see a further breakdown and more on their Tours click this link