Nicole Moore

For over 15 years, Nicole has been deeply involved in the shooting community, finding joy in various forms of shooting and conservation. Helping to preserve the essence of responsible shooting.


From the quiet patience of deer stalking to the rush of wildfowling, the thrill of driven game, the practicality of pest control —she’s explored and embraced it all. But what makes her stand out is her approach.

Nicole is not just passionate about the sport; she’s all about doing it right. For her, shooting isn’t just about the action; it’s about respecting nature’s balance. She is a firm believer in utilising everything she shoots preparing and cooking all she hunts. Nicoles loves sharing the experience, especially with friends who aren’t familiar with shooting.

What really drives her is the belief in sharing knowledge. She’s keen on bridging the gap between the shooting community and those less involved. Her goal is simple: to make sure everyone understands the importance of responsible shooting, conservation, and taking care of the land.

In a world that’s ever-changing, Nicole is educating and preserving the essence of responsible shooting. Her dedication not only makes her a great advocate for the sport but also a champion for its future.


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