Peter Chester

Peter began shooting at 10, took a 16-year break, and returned in 2019. His comeback led to a four-year streak of success, showing that there is no better time to return to a sport you love!


Peter’s journey with shooting began at the age of 10 and continued until he was 16 when he took a 16-year hiatus from the sport, returning in 2019.

However, Peter’s passion for shooting remained unwavering, leading to a remarkable comeback that has resulted in a winning streak over the past four years, earning him multiple titles and accolades.

Peter’s story is a testament to determination, proving that there’s no better time to return to a sport that you love. With every competition, he demonstrates that there are no bounds to what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.


  • 2024 NSSA Ironman Winner
  • 3 x World Skeet Masters 2020, 2022,2023
  • British Open Skeet 2021
  • 3x International High Gun 2021,2022,2023
  • 3 x English Open Skeet Doubles 2002, 2022,2023
  • Scottish Open Skeet 2022 2023
  • Jersey Open 2022,2023
  • Scottish Open Skeet Doubles 2022
  • Welsh Open 2022
  • 2002 Sub-Junior 12gauge World Champion
  • 2002 Sub-Junior Doubles World Champion
  • And many more…