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Savox CBU – Covert Base Unit with Key Fob PTT and Earpiece

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The Savox CBU is a modular covert unit that allows the user to customise the covert communication accessory to any covert operation by offering a choice of using a neck-loop or a brooch to transmit incoming communication to the Savox RCR earpiece. While the loop is suitable for most clothing such as t-shirts, the brooch is the perfect solution for female officers as the brooch can be easily hidden under tank tops, shoulder straps, or hand-bag straps. A hard-wired PTT button can be used for half-duplex communication. The Savox CBU also offers the option of a wireless PTT in form of a key fob with Savox’s unique proprietary and most secured wireless signalling pattern, the SavoxGuard™. The key fob offers verbal as well as non-verbal tone communication. Together with the Savox HR6 connector and adaptors it can be connected to a variety of radio models.

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Savox CBU – Covert Base Unit with Earpiece, key features:

Savox CBU - Covert Base Unit, Instructions

Quick Start

  • Connect the loop or brooch to the wired earpiece.
  • Connect the wired earpiece to the connector to the mobile device (if you use an HR6 connector, connect it with a Savox HR6 radio adapter.
  • Place the loop around your neck.
  • Attach the loop to your covert carrying solution or tape the loop to your body to avoid shifting during operation.
  • Make sure the wired PTT button sits in the right position for ease of use
  • For mobile communication devices that do not supply power, connect the battery through the USB connector to the Clarity.
  • Insert the connector into your mobile communication device.
  • Place a new battery into the earpiece and insert it into your ear.
  • Use the key fob or hard wired button for PTT communication.

Key Benefits

  • Modular covert communication system
  • Wide selection of Savox RCR earpieces
  • Wired in-line PTT
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication capability
  • Option to use interception-free neck loop or pack
  • Covert microphone
  • SavoxGuard™ wireless key fob PTT
  • EU Tariff code: 8518300000


Earpiece Instructions

Quick Start

  • Open the battery compartment by pushing on the plastic ear (RCR1, RCR2, RCR3) or by pulling up the little plastic ear (RCR6, RCR7) near the plastic pin.
  • Insert a new zinc-iron battery into the compartment and close it.
  • Grab the earpiece by the plastic pin, pull up the top of your ear and insert the earpiece into your ear with the Savox logo facing towards your face.

Key Benefits

  • Long battery life
  • Different colours available
  • DSP and noise cancellation
  • Low level squelch gate allows whispering
  • Interference immunity (only RCR7) can be used in environments with high electro magnetic noise, such as near a police car

Additional information

Covert Kit Contents

Wireless PTT Key Fob, Loop, Brooch, Wireless PTT Key Fob, Loop, Wireless PTT Key Fob, Brooch

Earpiece Type

RCR3 Earpiece (Standard Digital Earpiece), RCR6 Earpiece (Sub-Miniature Digital Earpiece)

Radio Manufacturer


Radio Model

Motorola CP040 / DP1400, Motorola GP320/340 / MT810EX, Motorola GP344/388, Motorola DP3400/4400 / MTP850S / MTP6550, Motorola SL1600/2600/4000, Motorola DP2400/3441 / MTP3000