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SWATCOM Savox RCR Deep-Covert Earpieces

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Savox RCR deep-covert earpieces are the best option for any covert operation. As a listen-only solution, they communicate best with the Savox Deep-Covert products with neck-loops and brooches. We recommend using only Savox RCR earpieces with Savox products to ensure optimum performance. The product range offers different colours and sizes for highest concealment and perfect fit, and blend with different skin colours. Savox DSP and noise cancellation, as well as interference immunity provide the highest value for any covert officer in an operation.

SWATCOM Savox RCR Deep-Covert Earpieces, key features:

Savox RCR Deep-Covert Earpieces, Quick Start:

  • Open the battery compartment by pushing on the plastic ear (RCR1, RCR2, RCR3) or by pulling up the little plastic ear (RCR6, RCR7) near the plastic pin.
  • Insert a new zinc-iron battery into the compartment and close it.
  • Grab the earpiece by the plastic pin, pull up the top of your ear and insert the earpiece into your ear with the Savox logo facing towards your face.

Key Benefits

  • Long battery life
  • Different colors available
  • DSP and noise cancellation
  • Low level squelch gate allows whispering
  • Interference immunity (only RCR7) can be used in environments with high electro magnetic noise, such as near a police car
  • EU Tariff code: 8518300000



Additional information

Earpiece Type

Standard analogue in ear receiver, Standard analogue squelched in ear receiver, Standard digital in ear receiver, Miniature analogue in ear receiver, Miniature analogue squelched in ear receiver, Miniature digital in ear receiver, Miniature Digital in ear receiver Clarity only

Earpiece Shade

Light, Medium, Dark