Two Way Radio Headsets

We have a large range of noise cancelling, heavy duty, tactical or lightweight headsets that are used all over the world by proffesionals in many different environments. All of our two way radio headsets are available to work with different two way radio models, if you are unsure whether we offer your radio model then contact us or visit our two way radio plug chart.


Discover our wide range of rugged lightweight headsets are designed for comfort, durability and will connect to most two-way radio handsets. Explore  ligtweight headsets that are ideal for low noise environments or for those who require a subtle & lightweight headset, offering high quality noise cancelling microphones enabling clear communications while promoting clear speech.


Sordin CC Supreme ‘Active Listening’ Headsets, exploit the latest technology to deliver premium sound quality, with reproduction of ambient sound, good directional location, noise cancelling mic and connection to two-way radios. Available in both headband and neckband variations. We also offer replacement hygiene kits and headset bags to keep your sets at their best for longer.


High quality, noise-cancelling, heavy duty, passive and active listening (cut-off) communication headsets from leading manufacturers. These sets serve a dual purpose as both a hearing protector and a reliable communications device. The in-ear speakers and high quality noise cancelling microphones will enable the user to easily communicate with colleagues even in the loudest environments.

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