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SWATCOM DX LR Full-Duplex Communication Transceiver with External antenna

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The SWATCOM DX LR is a radio conference system with a range of up to 2000m. The encrypted network is deployed in seconds, the SWATCOM DX LR automatically identifies other members and initiates a conference. The Li-P0 rechargeable battery has a talk time of up to 8 hours and a listen time of up to 10 hours.

SWATCOM DX LR key features and benefits:


  • The patented technology without base or master (patent SyncAll), conference mode allows communication in a natural way: no need to press a button and wait your turn to speak. The encrypted network is deployed in seconds and automatically identifies other members and initiates the conference.


  • SWATCOM DX LR radio allows professionals to have their hands free to focus on their mission.



  • Simplicity: 1 button and 1 connector to deploy the network in a few seconds and communicate freely with the team.
  • Security: includes the "Pager" voluntary alert, the immobility detection with voice alert, and the "SafeLine" function to know in real time who is connected.



  • Connect The SWATCOM DX LR (via Bluetooth or wired) to any communication device to extend the reach or share the conversation.



  • The SWATCOM DX LR deploys an autonomous network coded in seconds, without any installation.


  • Noise cancelling technology
  • Autonomous Digital Coded Network
  • No Base, Unilmited users.
  • Shockproof, watertight
  • Range 2000m
  • RF Band - 863-870 MHz CE 920-928 Mhz FHSS
  • Channels - 16/19 (by country)
  • Certification - CE,ATEX
  • Beeper - Yes
  • Call mode - Yes
  • Safety Pack - LWP + Safeline : Option BS-SER-PCKSEC
  • Talk time - 8 Hours
  • Listen time - 10 hours
  • Charging - USB / 1 hour 30
  • Battery - Li-P0 rechargeable
  • Size - 91x48x15mm (3.6" x1.9" x0.6")
  • Weight 80g (3oz)
  • Shockproof - 7
  • Eco Mode - Yes (200mW)
  • Bluetooth ready - Option BS-APC2-0PTBT
  • Bluetooth + Safety Pack - BS-APC2U-MOD03CBTSEC (US), BS-APC2-MOD03CBTSEC (Europe)
  • Defence Configuration - Keyboard Army - IP67 - Screen switch, off : Option BS-APC2-0PTDEF
  • Com&Charge Function - Yes: Charge while communicating / Extension Autonomy
  • EU Tariff code: 8517626039


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Long Range Full-Duplex Transceiver IP66, Long Range Full-Duplex Transceiver IP66 c/w Bluetooth & Man Down